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Treena B Photography LLC | Baby Husker Looks Great in Grey

Baby Jax really didn’t want to wait any longer.  Football season was here and he was missing the games.  It’s really difficult to hear the score when you’re several inches deep in Mommy’s tummy.  So.  Baby Jax decided he needed to kick his way out of there a month early.  Touchdown! Surprise, surprise! Luckily, Mom had already contacted me about a newborn portrait session, here in Millard, NE.  Turns out, we only live about 2 miles apart!  Practically neighbors!

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Treena B Photography: Baby L Christens The New Studio in Omaha, Nebraska

The first family in my studio was a young military couple, who just had their FIRST baby! This sweet girl did not want to sleep, but, she was the gentlest soul. Mom and Dad were super tired, and said they basically rolled out of bed (having ignored their alarm several times) to rush to the session at 10:30am. They made a very good team, with Mom feeding, Dad burping and both showering Baby L with love and tender kisses. Dad was on leave from Offhutt Airforce Base, near Omaha, Nebraska, and was a huge help at our newborn portrait session.

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