Why you should choose ME as YOUR Photographer


Treena B Photography - Omaha NE Newborn and Family Photographer

As an introvert, I am very familiar with the feeling of hesitation about contacting a stranger to discuss a service. I usually prefer to sit at the computer for hours researching options and looking for the one that feels most approachable and comfortable. If you have discovered my page as you search for a portrait photographer in Hawaii, let me give you some information about how I approach clients, how I feel about my portrait sessions, and how I operate my business.


Clients Are Key:  Treena B Photography would not be a business without clients.  I could still take photos, I could continue to publish quality images....but, I would be a hobbyist.  What I love about having clients, is that I am chosen, from the huge pool of eligible photographers out there, to be the one who captures a moment in time for them.  It is an honor and privilege to provide this service and I take the responsibility very seriously.  


Portrait Sessions:  Whether in my home studio, or with the gorgeous Hawaii scenery, I work hard to make you look and feel wonderful, while maintaining safety and comfort. I want my clients to be at ease, be happy, and feel relaxed. It is completely normal to be stressed and rushed prior to a session...especially for families with young children.  You are trying to get everyone dressed, hair and make-up looking good, last minute changes, keeping kids on track, underestimating travel time, road incidents, getting lost, finding parking, last minute potty breaks or snacks...it goes on and on. Many clients arrive frazzeled and completely crazed.  That's ok! We take time to relax and chat a moment...discuss how your day has gone and get all your frustrations out of the way, so you can focus on the fun at hand. We don't need to rush or stick to the clock.  We can easily cover all of our images in about a half hour, but usually take our time and keep shooting for a full hour. 


Business or Passion: Photography is something that I love.  I get caught up in the art of it - capturing a look or feel; the technical details - perfecting focus, light, composition; and editing the images to add that extra wow.  My priority is to keep this fun.  I want this to be a fulfilling experience for both myself and my clients.  There will be no high pressure sales.  You won't be forced onto a mailing list.  I will not call you every six months to offer you some great 'deal.'  We will simply go have a relaxed, fun portrait session.  I will follow up with an online proofing gallery, from which you will choose the images you would like included in your package.  Then...hopefully...you will be thrilled with the results and want to recommend my services to your friends!

So, drop me a note and let me know what you are looking for! Just hit the button below.